Virtual Allografts

A defective heart valve can be replaced by a cell-free transplant. Both the anatomy of the graft and that of the defect site are individually pronounced. A precise description of length, diameter and curvature is therefore very important to find the best possible cell-free graft. The description is currently based on analogue measurement data, photographs and descriptions that provide the surgeon with an imaginary, three-dimensional image of the graft.

With „Alpha“, corlife intends to provide three-dimensional virtual images of cell-free transplants in the future. Each individual transplant is scanned, digitally measured and entered into a database. The surgeon can select the most suitable transplant from virtual substitutes and simulate the procedure. Alpha will help to make the implantation of cell-free transplants even safer.

Alpha, a module of corlife’ s innovation strategy, is funded by the European Union (EFRE).

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