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Order Allografts

Order cell-free allografts

Tissue donations are rare and precious. Cell-free allografts should be ordered at least three months before the planned date of surgery to allow for donation and allocation of a suitable allograft by the cooperating tissue establishment and decellularization by corlife.

Unfortunately there is no uniform procedure for ordering. This is due to laws of the member states and the statutes of cooperating tissue establishments. Please contact your tissue establishment, the DGFG, the EHB or corlife directly. After your order has been accepted, the tissue establishment and corlife will coordinate the further procedure directly with each other. You will be informed about the progress.

For questions please contact tissue@corlife.euor +49 511 563 539 40 .


Corlife receives a small amount of tissue donations, which it is allowed to assign independently. This stock can help with short-term requests. Please contact tissue@corlife.eu.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gewebetransplantation gGmbH, Hannover (DGFG)

The DGFG is by far the largest German tissue bank that can provide allografts. Please direct your request for a cell-free allograft to vs@gewebenetzwerk.de.

European Homograft Bank, Brussels (EHB)

The EHB is a very active and internationally highly respected tissue establishment in Belgium. Please submit your request for a cell-free allograft to ehb@saintluc.uclouvain.be, Tel +32 2 764 61 94

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